Tiegan Holidays

These Tiegan holidays are sacred to Tiega, and celebrated by her followers around the world. Those who particularly follow Tiega celebrate all these holidays. Other people celebrate Leafturn, but usually not the other holidays unless they specifically apply to them.


Escapade is a holiday held on Duober 14, sacred to both Tiega and Dilentu. On this midwinter day, the story goes, Tiega and Dilentu were both bored, so they started trying to play tricks on the other gods and goddesses. Dilentu replaced Avatrunei‘s thunderbolts with bananas. Tiega painted a mask on the moon when Hiropeh wasn’t looking. DIlentu turned himself into a kitten and sat on the books Exene was trying to read. Tiega fiddled with Hylaeos’s lute until it was out of tune.

Finally, Sidarch caught the mischievous pair and made them apologize for all they’d done.

Duober 14 is a traditional day of masquerades and hi-jinks. Parties are held both at family homes and at Tiegan temples, and it is traditional to wear a costume or in a mask. Teasing and practical jokes are encouraged. All serious business is abandoned. Unlike on Burglemas, actually stealing anything or hurting anyone is strictly discouraged, especially since it’s a family holiday.


Leafturn is held on Quatober 9. It commemorates the start of spring. It is a day Tiega specifically set out as the best day for new beginnings. Traditionally, one sets out some kind of personal resolution or goal for Leafturn, and commits to it by whispering it to a leaf on a tree or bush. It’s supposed to be very bad luck to actually remove a leaf from a tree for this purpose, though. You need to go up to the tree, hold a leaf to your mouth, and whisper. If no trees or leafy bushes are available, other plants can be used – clovers are second best, followed by flowers and blades of grass.

The evening before, on Leafturn Eve, Tiegan priests hold worship services and give sermons about how to choose and commit to a resolution or goal. Some people choose resolutions about personal responsibility, but the ideal is to choose something that will broaden your horizons. A popular resolution is to try something new every month.


Sagittaria is held on October 8, at the height of summer. According to the Tales of Tiega, it was on this day that Tiega slew a wolf-devil called the Garmex. The Garmex had kidnapped Nazlokin by getting him so drunk he couldn’t see straight, and offered to ransom him back in exchange for one of the diamonds Tiega stole from Beuben. Tiega, agreeing, fashioned the diamond into an arrowhead, and “gave” the diamond to the Garmex by shooting him dead with it.

Sagittaria is a day of celebration and sporting competitions, with the main event being archery. Communities hold archery competitions near Tiegan temples using diamond-shaped bulls-eyes. For most people, the goal is to shoot closer to the bull’s eye than they did last year, or shoot as accurately from farther away.

However, in the afternoon, expert sharpshooters are invited to compete against each other, trying to hit the bull’s eye from the greatest distance possible. In this part of the competition, cheating is quite common.

Itsia’s Day, or “Yoovie Lu”

This holiday is known both as Itsia’s Day and Yoovie Lu. It’s a holiday celebrating lovers and romance held in autumn, on Undecember 2.

The holiday specifically commemorates the story of Decred and Itsia. Decred was the son of a king; Itsia, a maid at the palace. Decred used to give Itsia sealed letters addressed to “Yoovie Lu”, asking her to deliver them. Itsia had no idea who “Yoovie Lu” was, and was afraid to ask, nor could she bring herself to open the envelopes. On the second day of Undecember, she confessed that she hadn’t delivered any of the prince’s messages, and all he said was “Rearrange the letters.” She spent a lot of time trying to put the sealed envelopes in some kind of order before realizing that “Yoovie Lu” is an anagram of “I love you”. She opened the letters, and they were all love letters to her. Thus began Itsia’s secret relationship with Prince Decred.

Itsia’s Day is therefore considered the ideal day to confess one’s love for another, traditionally by saying, whispering, or writing the phrase “Yoovie Lu” to one’s beloved. It’s said that if two lovers meet each other on the day of Yoovie Lu, Tiega will always watch over them even if nobody else knows their secret.

Temple services are held twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. The morning service is only for committed couples to attend. The evening service is for anybody. It’s generally for single people, but sometimes people in secret relationships arrive separately and pretend, at least at first, not to know each other. But the service is traditionally held in darkness, allowing lovers to meet and join.


Burglemas is a winter holiday, celebrated on the night after the winter solstice in Duodecember. Burglemas is the day on which Tiega performed her biggest heist, the theft of the holy diamonds from Beuben, and it’s also the holy day of thieves and tricksters.

The traditional way to celebrate Burglemas is to steal a single coin from one of your friends sometime during the night, while going undetected. (There is a good chance your friends are also out trying to steal something during the night, which makes this easier.) However, actual theives and brigands also try to pull off serious burglaries on Burglemas night. All city watches know about Burglemas, but on the other hand, it’s the second-longest night of the year, and due to the variety of winter solstice holidays, many people are drunk or sleeping.

Every year, arguments break out among the Celestialist priests whether or not to stop celebrating Burglemas. The problem is that, even if the holiday were canceled, thieves would probably still steal things.

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