Session Summaries

Season 1: Charybdis Company

Episode 1: Not Your Orc-inary Mission (2018/01/24)
Charybdis Company’s special operations team is sent to investigate Rishon, a small town that orc raiders have converted into a base of operations. Using disguise and stealth, they infiltrate the encampment and stumble upon an orc mystic channeling energy from a mummy. They defeat the mystic but are knocked out by waves of heat as the mummy is freed. When they awaken, the mummy is gone… but they return to the Company with three new clues: Fearblade leads the orc raiders, Shomeri is/was the guardian of Rishon, and an unknown symbol has great importance—and now marks each of the team.

Episode 2: Sink or Swim: To Sail or to Scuttle the Stolen Ship? (2018/01/31)
The team investigates a mysterious, lone longship landed on the Weshal Coast. Rowing up to the ship and surviving a merdruid’s attempt to sink them, the teammates commandeer the ship under the guise of orcs. The defeated orc captain reveals that the rest of his crew was sent to retrieve a magical item. The teammates tracks them the orcs to a Shrine to Onsha, where they recover a Horn of the Tritons from an evil hag. As they sail back to the Company with their loot, the orc captain reveals the location of a meeting to solidify a burgeoning orc-merfolk alliance….

Episode 3: Thugs and Gruddghs (2018/02/07)
The team sneaks into the orcs’ diplomatic encampment to sabotage their attempt to formalize an alliance with the merfolk. They successfully infiltrate the orcs, led by an old skald named Gruddgh, and learn that Gruddgh plans to give the merfolk gifts as part of the diplomatic discussion. All goes well until Dermosk stumbles upon the prearranged location for the meeting and is seen by Gruddgh. After a brief stalemate, Gruddgh turns invisible and flees, forcing Tæla to impersonate Gruddgh. In the confusion caused by two Gruddghs, the team breaks into the orcs’ hoard. They steal the orcs’ gifts (as well as some hidden loot belonging to a Gideonese warrior who had bequeathed the town of Rishon) and make their way back to their stolen longship, but not before one last standoff with the old skald.

Episode 4: The Trebuchet Tango (2018/02/15)
With the orc-merman alliance in shambles, the Charybdis Company moves in to break the siege of Nochelar. The Company’s frigates make easy work of the orcish longships, but concern arises when the Company spies a trebuchet launching large, clear orbs seemingly at random. The special operations team is teleported in to investigate by the Company’s best wizard, Lieutenant Astrezic. After dispatching some goblins, the members sneak up on the trebuchet, where they are surprised by the orc leader himself: Fearblade! Their attempts to defeat the old, dexterous magus prove ineffective, but fortunately he is called away by an outsider posing as a succubus. As more orcs rush to defend the trebuchet, the team destroys it and flees with one of the orbs. Bringing it to the lieutenant, they discover that the orb is some sort of earthquake-causing device. The lieutenant teleports back to the fleet with the device, but not before sending the team southward to follow a band of orc raiders who strangely had broken off from the siege.

Episode 5: Dungeon and Dragon (and Derro and Dretch) (2018/02/21)
The team tracks the orc raiders south toward the heart of Manold. The members come upon a suspiciously large goat, who takes to Nanem and allows zir to ride it. Arriving at a local farm, they leave a valuable necklace as a “deposit” for some information and some mounts. Now mounted, they make better time, following the orcs’ tracks until a small group of tracks branch off toward an Ancient Gideonese ruin. The team investigates, bypassing a crumbling old earth elemental to enter the ruins. Here, they find derro inhabiting what they discover is the resting place of the spirit of the Svihelen, granddaughter of Rishon—the first red dragon and son of Tiamat!—who she explains had been at odds with the first gold dragon (whose name is forgotten). Svihelen reveals that she is bound to this place and enthralls any fools who wander into her domain, such as the foolish orcs the members have been tracking… and then she attacks the team! They barely defeat the spirit, before discovering a shrine whose candles, when lit, greatly weaken Svihelen. As they leave, they discover a massive hoard of gold coins, which has been cursed: an orc now swims among the coins. They break the curse by killing a dretch housed nearby, thus securing the gold and freeing the orc for interrogation. The orc reveals that he and his companions deserted Fearblade’s raiding party to look for treasure here. He explains that Fearblade’s raiders plan to set timber dwarf and wood elf against each other by attacking one in the guise of the other and thus taking advantage of the old hatreds between them. The team dispatches of the orc, makes away with the gold, and continues to follow Fearblade’s trail.

Episode 6: The High Road: The Goat and the Ghost (2018/02/28)
The team members travels on the High Road, hoping to find a dwarven encampment. They are accosted by an invisible spirit before arriving at a dwarven logging camp, which was attacked by “elves” the night before. The team manages to convince the camp’s leader, Toradin, that the attack was done by orcs, not elves. Toradin agrees to accompany the team to the dwarven city of Dwarrast, so that the team can inform the city’s judge and elders of the truth. The team, accompanied by Toradin as a witness, then proceeds deeper into Battalion Forest to let the elves know that any “dwarven” attacks are really the work of Orc raiders. The elves prove much harder to locate; the team’s attempt to contact the elves via signal horn only draws the ire of an owlbear. A passing cerynitis lets the team know where the team members can find some elves. They explain to the elves’ high priestess that the orcs are impersonating elves and dwarves in order to foment war. She reveals that a shrine was attacked last night, but she bars the team from investigating. The team members return to Dwarrast, where they are told of a small group of orc raiders attacking caravans on the High Road as well as of rumors of an invisible spirit attacking individuals. They go to investigate, where they stumble into an orc trap! While they fend off the small group of orcs, an invisible creature attacks: a Lurker in the Light! With Naa the Goat’s help, they are able to dispatch the Lurker, and Tæla and Kara “persuade” the orcs’ skald to cooperate (by using paranoia and suggestion to convince the orcs’ barbarian to kill the skald, and then offering to kill the barbarian if the skald surrenders). The skald, Waprust, explains that these raiders also deserted Fearblade, who they are convinced is under the thumb of the (false) succubus, Mizrathne. The orcs have no exit plan from the island, and Fearblade largely follows Mizrathne’s suggestions. Waprust suggests that Fearblade will likely be at the elves’ most sacred lake shrine next, as Mizrathne shows interest in it. As the team departs the High Road, Waprust tells Kara that she learned the ways of the wyrmsinger from a lost island far away….

Episode 7: The Low Road: Those Bloody Traps! (2018/03/06)
The team head towards the elves’ lake shrine. They are waylaid by some elves, including the lone escapee of the orcs’ desecration of the shrine. The elf leads them to a catacomb that leads beneath the shrine. There, the team runs into a small group of kobolds (and their pet spider) who have set traps on all the doors. Battling their way through the kobolds, the team members also discover some other, older traps, including a flame turret, a Symbol of Exsanguination, and a Symbol of Stunning. Bypassing the traps, they are able to solve an ancient alchemical puzzle to find a cache of magical items, including a mysterious copper ring with an overwhelming magic aura (that only seems to cast low level spells at a suspiciously low caster level) and a magically preserved scroll naming the shrine as the place of Rishon’s fall. The team finally stumbles upon some orcs, who are guarding a group of captive elves. The members, disguised as orcs, convince the guards that they have a better plan than Fearblade and offer to kill him. Most of the team enters the shrine with the orcs, who leave behind a single guard. Dermosk, Nanem, and Naa the Goat stay behind as well, hoping to eliminate the guard and free the captured elves….

Episode 8: Fearless Fearblade and Mysterious Mizrathne
With Fearblade so close, the team prepares to act. Taela, Kara, Corwin, and Jhaeros proceed into the shrine proper, finding and rallying some more orcs to their cause. Meanwhile, Nanem and Dermosk neutralize the orc guard and free the elves. The elves are greatly appreciative and agree to help Naa (who is revealed to be a pooka!) summon some satyrs to help clear the shrine. Nanem and Dermosk race to meet up with the rest of the team before facing Fearblade. A long and grueling battle ensues, but the team manages to subdue Fearblade thanks to Taela’s use of castigate, which prevents the orc leader from fighting to the death. As the team prepares to interrogate him, the elf guide who led the team to the shrine reappears. This time, the members realize she is an azata—and then, even more troubling, that her azata appearance is a disguise. They realize they have stumbled upon Mizrathne trying to finish off Fearblade before he can be interrogated, and her atempt ruined, she disappears. The sound of satyrs defeating the last of the orcs signals the team’s victory, though Naa, the satyrs, and the elves all depart. The team brings Fearblade back to the Charybdis Company for further questioning and a healthy bounty. The Duke of Manold and the Commodore himself come to speak to the team and discuss further contracts. The team decides to travel to the Doldrums to find the place where Waprust and Mizrathne supposedly originated, an island where Kara hopes to find the remnants of the Brighteye Tribe.

Episode 9: The Lying, the Witch, and the Warplans
The team takes a small sloop into the Doldrums, where the winds become still. Jhaeros, ever prepared, has a fanboat prepared. All seems to be going well until the team is ambuhsed by a sea dragon, who overturns their boat before fleeing upon the approach of a ship. The ship’s captain, hailing from the Eposcipate, reveals that they were chasing the very same sea dragon. The sea dragon, known as the Doldrums Drowner, has a bounty on its head for “piracy,” as apparently it has attacked and looted numerous helpless ships in the area. The captain helps right the team’s boat, and, with this new bounty in mind, the members continue their trek to the island. Upon landing, they find an injured tengu who appears friendly but suspicious. As they consider their options, they are ambushed by a tengu witch and a number of tengu henchmen. The group manages to dispatch them though not without some pain (or pain spells, to be specific). They interrogate the tengu to find that they are on the hunt for humans to sacrifice for a great witch ritual to contact or summon a great spirit. Upon revealing the evil plot, a curse upon the witch activates and he dies. The team gathers up the rest of their tengu captives and continue toward the proported location of the Brighteye Tribe, who they hope will be pleased with the captured tengu.

Episode 10: 404 Gothi Not Found
The team finds the Brighteye Tribe, who live in a large settlement protected by a wooden fence. Kara makes herself known, and the team is allowed audience with the jarl, leader of the Brighteye, who explains that the Brighteye Tribe and the Whiptail Tribe were scattered from their sister tribes in the Shattering. The Whiptail Tribe, once friendly, has become more withdrawn from the Brighteye in recent years. More troubling, the team learns that the settlement was attacked by tengu within the last day. They blew their way through the wooden fence and tried to take human captives. None was successfully taken other than the tribe’s gothi, the most able cleric. The team decides to investigate the missing man’s home the next day, where they are nearly diverted by a mnemor devil (memory devil). They defeat the devil and interrogate it, allowing its release on the condition that it answers the team’s questions honestly and harms no mortals in the future. The devil confirms that tengu and human witches are working together to contact the spirit of Rishon and suggests that the ritual will be complete within two days. The team sets out for Skull Mountain, where the ritual is supposed to take place. On the way, they are accosted by flame drakes, who roast the party and kill some of the donkeys they borrowed from the Brighteye leader. Nonetheless, the team decides to press on.

Episode 11: Mobats Mo’ Problems (but a Lamia Ain’t One)
The team continues its journey, stumbling upon a giant tengu encampment at dusk. Deciding to travel around the encampment in the dark to find a safer place to make camp, the team is attacked by a direbat and a mobat. Soon after dispatching them, they discover the real threat: two lamia who loathe humans. The team manages to fend off the lamia in the dark, though not without some injury: Jhaeros and Dermosk both suffer some wisdom drain that the team is unable to fix. After resting until dawn, the team sets out again, arriving at Skull Mountain the afternoon before the ritual is supposed to finish. Spotting four tengu guards at the entrance to the cave, the members make clever use of Kara’s spell kenning (casting silence on a stone) to get the drop (literally) on the guards. The tengu are dispatched in just over six seconds—after all, these are the members of the Charybdis Company’s special operations team! The members enter the mountain, where they stumble upon some yamabushi tengu oni, a mimic weapons rack, and a clever illusion trap (an illusory rock over a pit, of all things), before finally coming upon a human witch guarding cages of human captives. They handily defeat the witch, his tengu guards, and his skeleton friends, despite some brief confusion (in which they lose track of Dermosk when he accidentally activates the witch’s isolation spell). The team is able to ask a now-friendly tengu guard (thanks to Taela) about the witches’ plans. The tengu explains that the other witches departed deeper into the mountain with the majority of captives to continue the ritual, while this witch guarded the remaining captives. The captives reveal that they are of the Whiptail Tribe, who have been overrun by the witches and the tengu. It is now up to the team to intervene and stop the witches’ plot….

Session Summaries

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