Orthon Calendar

The Orthon Calendar, or OC, is the calendar used in Orthon, and occasionally elsewhere in Myrion. It is currently the winter of 699 OC.

Days of the Week

In the Occidental Calendar, a week consists of seven days. They are:

  • Sidday
  • Moonday
  • Tiegsday
  • Bensday
  • Trunday
  • Ielday
  • Saraday

In Celestialism, Saraday is a sabbath for family and rest. It’s the most common day for people to attend religious worship, no matter their patron.

Year Zero

The Orthon Calendar is based on the year that the dragons signed The Pact, the agreement to divide the world between the ten dragonflights and bring an end to the chaos of the Age of Conflict. The Pact was broken in the Last Dragon War, but the event is still used as year 0 in the Orthon Calendar.

Before the Pact

Dates before the signing of the Pact are given in terms of years Before the Pact, or BP. So, for example, a date ten years before the year the Pact was signed would be 10 BP.

Monthly Calendar

A solar year on Myrion is 365.25 days precisely.

There are 360 days in the Orthon Calendar. These are divided into 12 months with 30 days each. On years divisible by 6, there is a leap month which is inserted at the end of the calendar. This leap month alternates between 32 days long (if the year is divisible by 12) and 31 days long (if not).

Starting from New Year’s Day, Unumber 1, the months are:

  • Unumber
  • Duober
  • Triember
  • Quatober
  • Quintember
  • Sectember
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • Undecember
  • Duodecember
  • Tridecember (leap month)

Seasons Almanac

In the southern hemisphere, winter and summer are switched, although Orthon itself is in the northern hemisphere.

Season Month
Spring equinox Triember
Summer solstice Sectember
Autumn equinox November
Winter solstice Duodecember

These all fall on the same day of the month depending on the year. Divide the current year by 12, and take the remainder. Then consult the following chart. For example, 699 รท 12 = 58 remainder 3, so spring will begin on Triember 14.

Remainder Day of month
0 30
1 4
2 9
3 14
4 20
5 25
6 30
7 3
8 9
9 14
10 19
11 24

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