Notus Islands

The Notus Islands, alternatively the Notus Sea, is a region on the western edge of the Orthon super-continent. Because almost all trade routes in west Orthon travel through this narrow region, it is incredibly important both politically and economically.

Winds and Currents

The prevailing winds in west Orthon are roughly a clockwise circle. In the center of this circle is a wide region called the Doldrums where winds blow irregularly and sometimes die down altogether. No trade captain wants to sail through the Doldrums.

In the south, the prevailing winds blow west, and in the north, the prevailing winds blow east. To the east of the Doldrums, there’s enough wind that it’s not hard to beat a course southward.

To complete the circle, ships need to sail north. That’s where the Notus islands come in. The large and mountainous Jarnjaalka Island forces the winds to blow north in a narrow strip between Jarnjaalka and the Doldrums. If a ship is to complete the trade circuit without having to brave the Doldrums or head out into open ocean, it must sail through this one small region of sea – the Notus Islands.


The region called the Notus Islands consists of six large, populated islands, and a few dozen smaller bits of land with little or civilization. Among these six islands, four major powers – the Empire of Gard, the Holy Episcopate, the Eustace Magocracy, and the Free City of Dragonfall – all have territory, and thus, a stake.

Notus Islands

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