House Rules

Important Rules – Please Read Carefully

Missing Sessions If you are going to miss a session, please let the GM know at least 24 hours in advance. I canceled my last campaign due to too many violations of this rule.

Bonus Progression Due to being boring, the following items do not exist:

  • cloak of resistance
  • ring of protection
  • amulet of natural armor
  • cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone
  • Any belt or headband that does nothing but grant enhancement bonuses to ability scores

Other items that also grant enhancement bonuses to ability scores don’t grant those bonuses, and cost less.

Instead of these items, PCs gain automatic bonuses as they level up. Check out Bonus Progression for details.

Deities and Alignments Deities in Myrion do not have specific alignments. Accordingly, gods may have good shepherds, evil priests, lawful servants, chaotic firebrands, and neutral philosophers amongst their followers. The following rules apply for paladins and clerics:

  • Paladins must still be lawful good, and they cannot worship any deity that offers the Chaos or Evil domain.
  • Clerics and others with the domain class feature cannot select an alignment domain that differs from their own alignment. So, a lawful neutral cleric could worship a deity offering the Chaos domain, but they cannot select the Chaos domain.
  • Clerics and others who have a choice between channeling positive and negative energy must choose to channel positive energy if their deity offers the Healing domain, and must channel negative energy if their deity offers the Death or Destruction domain. Otherwise, they may choose freely. Paladins do not get a choice, so they must channel positive energy.

Guns Firearms are commonplace. Any character with proficiency in martial weapons is proficient with firearms, and the price of early firearms and ammunition is 25% the listed price. Advanced firearms and ammunition are not available.

Other House Rules

Crafting Items Every custom item you craft requires GM approval. In particular, items that simply combine two existing items or cast a single spell at will are not generally acceptable.

Permanent Negative Levels and Restoration The cooldown to remove permanent negative levels from restoration is changed from one week of game time to one session. Once you get a negative level removed from restoration, you cannot get another negative level removed by that spell until roughly the same point in time during the next session.

Leadership You may take Leadership, but the cohort and followers from Leadership do not actually follow you into danger, they’re just friendly NPCs who stay behind and help you in non-adventurey ways. They can use item crafting feats only if you also possess that feat.

Racial Spells Spells and items from Advanced Race Guide (i.e. spells like blend that say “Racial Spell” on the d20PFSRD) are available only to members of the race for which the spell was created.

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