Name Tiega
Titles Fleet Vixen
Portfolio archery, thievery, trickery
Worship Times When starting something completely new
Ideals Getting your way by guile and cleverness
Depiction A humanoid fox with nine tales
Holy Symbol A laughing mask
Domains Air, Chaos, Charm, Travel, Trickery
Subdomains Azata, Cloud, Innuendo, Love, Portal, Thievery
Favored Animal Fox
Favored Weapon Longbow


Use trickery to prevent the powerful and the privileged from having too much power over you. Be bold in trying new things. Let your heart be light and free, and don’t let anyone tell you your love is forbidden.


Tiega is the young goddess of new beginnings, and forbidden loves, and trickery. Stories of the tricks she’s played on the other deities abound. She asked her father, Laar, to create flowers, and then used their scent to distract Nazlokin so she could steal his axe. Then she refused to give it back until he kissed her. He did her one better, and became her consort.

Then Tiega “borrowed” some ocean water from her mother Onsha and used it to create a cloud. She used the cloud to hide herself from Beuben as she stole nine of his diamonds. When he found out what happened, Beuben swore an oath that he would punish Tiega, along with anyone who dared to give her shelter. But he could not find her, no matter where he searched.

One day, a young boy came by with a fox, and declared that this was a special fox with the power to sniff out rocks and jewels. Beuben eagerly bought the fox from the boy, and took it home. When he commanded the fox to find the stolen diamonds for him, the fox revealed that it held the diamonds he was looking for in its tail, and then it turned into Tiega, and she held the diamonds in her tail. Before Beuben could take his revenge, Tiega reminded him that he had sworn to punish anyone who gave her shelter – as he himself had just done! Bested, Beuben decreed his that her only punishment would be to wear nine fox tails for eternity as a sign of her duplicity, and that Beuben’s own punishment would be to let Tiega keep the diamonds.


Rogues, thieves, and outlaws all revere Tiega as the goddess who blesses their schemes and capers. According to Celestialism, though, Tiega should properly be viewed as the goddess of new beginnings and bold action. Trickery, say the Celestial priests, is not an aspect of Tiega that people should emulate.

Tiega is also famed in song and story for her embrace of forbidden loves. Any tale that involves a lowly squire falling in love with a princess is bound to include a fox somewhere along the way, as an invokation of her blessing.

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