Name Sidarch
Titles Golden Throne
Portfolio rulership, wisdom, light
Worship Times Seeking wise guidance during a difficult decision
Ideals Leading virtuously
Depiction A kindly human king
Holy Symbol Golden scepter topped with sunburst
Domains Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Sun, Wealth*
Subdomains Archon, Friendship, Light, Martyr, Thought, Trade*
Favored Animal Lion
Favored Weapon Greatsword

Holy Symbol of Sidarch


A peaceful, stable society is the ultimate good and must be defended. When called upon to lead, remember to act with humility, wisdom, and virtue. Be honest in everything you do.


Sidarch is the king of the Celestial gods. He is also the god of kings. By extension, he is the god of leaders of all kinds.

The first six gods to come into existence were Sidarch, Ielda, Beuben, Saralek, Laar, and Onsha. They spent the primordial days of eternity debating what the universe should look like. All six had their own ideas, and they could not come to any agreement. Finally, Sidarch proposed that they each accept some of the others’ ideas. The gods saw the wisdom in Sidarch’s words. So they compromised and set to work creating Myrion. When they were done, all the gods unanimously chose to make Sidarch their leader, recognizing his wisdom and virtue.

Sidarch’s consort is Ielda. Their marriage was the first in creation. They have two children together: Avatrunei and Hiropeh.


Rulers, nobles, military generals, owners of businesses, and captains of ships are all free to make prayers to Sidarch, asking for his wisdom to guide their leadership. Others pray to Sidarch for his wisdom to lead them, or for the conviction to become leaders themselves.

Paladins who feel a strong sense of duty tend to flock to Sidarch’s banner. But when these paladins get together, they tend to have difficulty deciding who should be their leader. They all seem to want the honor.

Wizards with political leanings also gravitate towards Sidarch, seeking his wisdom to master the intricate complexities of both magic and mundane matters.

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