Name Saralek
Titles Goddess of the First Castle
Portfolio family, homes, soldiers, castles
Worship Times You seek blessings and protection for your family
Ideals Protecting your people first and foremost
Depiction Warrior woman made of stone, with a tower shield
Holy Symbol An eagle perched on a banner
Domains Artifice, Community, Darkness, Protection, War
Subdomains Cooperation, Defense, Home, Night, Tactics, Toil
Favored Animal Eagle
Favored Weapon Halberd

Holy Symbol of Saralek


You must put your own family and your own people first, and defend them against threats both physical and cultural. Stand by your compatriots, right or wrong. Victory comes from sticking close to your fellows and planning well.


Saralek is a war goddess, said to have created the first castle, to defend the gods. When the gods got together to create mortals, Saralek was one of the only goddesses to speak out against it. She thought that the gods should only use their power for themselves, and not share any of it with lesser peoples.

She doesn’t hold a grudge against mortals, though. But she does expect them to take care of their own kind, as Saralek does. Saralek has a soft spot for those who only want to defend their families or their countries. On the other hand, she has little sympathy for people who ignore more pressing matters at home to go off and fight for a foreign cause. She sees absolutely no reason to put foreigners above your compatriots.

Saralek’s consort is Beuben. Their children are Exene and Nazlokin.


Soldiers, city guards, and others who make it their life’s work to defend their homes are often followers of Saralek. She also has a large following among dwarves, who commonly depict her as a dwarf. Many homes have small shrines to Saralek, especially in dangerous places where the goddess’ blessing of protection is most useful.

Government officials and bureaucrats also tend to support Saralek. The faithful of Saralek believe firmly that service to own’s own country or town will always be rewarded, and that people should respect and obey those who serve the community.

While Saralek’s followers are usually well-meaning, they also often express bigotry and contempt for people who aren’t like them. Saralek explicitly teachers that you have to take care of your own first. To a lot of people, this means that strangers, foreigners, and especially people from other races should not receive any of your concern.

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