Orthon is a super-archipelago and the largest region of Myrion. It contains of thousands of islands, and at least four major powers are based in the region.


The number of islands in Orthon is unknown. Folklore puts it at 20,000.

The islands in Orthon are generally fairly close together. From one island to the next closest island usually takes less than a day, and often only a few hours at most. On the other hand, sailing from one end of Orthon to an island at the far end could easily take 4 weeks.

Accurate navigational charts are essential to travel in Orthon. The currents and prevailing winds in Orthon are fairly predictable by skilled sailors, but they become less consistent as one gets closer to the center of Orthon.

The central area of Orthon, called the Doldrums, is the most difficult to travel. The wind in Doldrums is very unpredictable, and often dies down completely. Ships traveling in the Doldrums had best have a skilled crew, or risk getting becalmed. Most people trying to get from one end of Orthon to the other just sail around the Doldrums. The longer journey is worth avoiding the risk of being stuck at sea for days or even weeks on end. Islands inside the Doldrums tend to be isolated from the rest of Orthon, despite being in the geographical center.

Major Powers

Many of the islands in Orthon are independent and self-governing. There are other small nations formed of several islands in close proximity.

But there are four major countries in Orthon whose influence and power far outstrip the others. They are all at peace with each other, at least technically. But they are also often in direct competition. Clashes between them at sea are not uncommon.


The primary religion in Orthon is Celestialism. All four of the major powers are Celestialist countries, and they all recognize the religious supremacy of the Celestial Archbishop – the spiritual leader of Celestialism, and the head of state of the Holy Episcopate.

But not all of the powers keep the faith in the same way. The biggest difference is that the Holy Episcopate only keeps the original pantheon of 15 gods that have been part of Celestialism for ages. Everywhere else in Orthon, people keep the 15 Celestial gods, but also the five new gods called the Ascendants.

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