Name Orchima
Titles The Wandering Angel
Portfolio hospitality, trade, travelers, charity
Worship Times When you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
Ideals Being your own individual self
Depiction Six-winged Angel
Holy Symbol A hand with angel wings
Domains Animal, Fire, Good, Travel, Water
Subdomains Archon, Feather, Flowing, Rivers, Smoke, Trade
Favored Animal Duck
Favored Weapon Longsword


The sacred bond between host and guest must be honored. Treat vulnerable people, including travelers, with care and respect. Be extremely, scrupulously honest in all your business dealings.


Orchima is the goddess of travelers and hospitality. it is said that she occasionally descends to the mortal world to wander about in disguise. She might appear as a poor beggar, an old crone, or a rich princess. Therefore, it’s important to treat any traveler you meet with respect, as they could be Orchima in disguise.

Orchima delivers blessings to those who behave honestly in business, and who give food to travelers and the poor. But she can also be vengeful. Anyone who violates the sacred laws of hospitality of peace between hosts and guests instantly earns her wrath.

Beuben is Orchima’s father, and Saralek is her mother, but Saralek and Orchima fight constantly. Orchima’s consort is Avatrunei.


Orchima is a favored goddess of travelers, rangers, and bards – in short, anyone who frequently relies on the hospitality of others. She’s also commonly worshiped in inns and taverns. They usually have a small idol of her, so she can see the hospitality being provided and grant her blessing over it.

Some paladin orders serve Orchima as well. They make it their sacred mission to defend the weak, poor, and vulnerable, and are ruthless in their vengeance for those who harm their charges.

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