Name Onsha
Titles Oceanmother
Portfolio The ocean, motherhood
Worship Times When you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant
Ideals Being your own individual self
Depiction Old elven crone
Holy Symbol A stylized wave of water
Domains Healing, Liberation, Madness, Moon*, Water
Subdomains Cycles*, Freedom, Ice, Insanity, Oceans, Resurrection
Favored Animal Whale
Favored Weapon Trident


Onsha created the ocean, and it is both beautiful and terrible, the birthplace of all life on Myrion. She watches over mortal mothers as well – pregnant women must be respected and treated with care. Distance yourself from people who want to control you, but be as free as a fish in the sea.


Onsha’s created the ocean as a gift to her husband, Laar. Laar used the water and the land to create sea plants, the first life on Onsha. Later, Laar seeded the surface world with plants as well.

The ocean depths also contain Onsha’s horrible secrets, the truths about lives yet unlived and beings that never were. Onsha still whispers of these secrets, and those who spend too long at sea may hear those whispers and go mad.

But Onsha is also faithful, like the tides. As her water gave birth to life on Myrion, she watches over each and every pregnant woman, whose water may give birth to a new child.


Onsha worship is widespread, but surprisingly few people choose her to be their patron. Some sailors do. But sailing is commonplace, and there are other gods and goddesses who are kinder to travelers than Onsha is. Fishers are more closely associated with Onsha.

Others who follow Onsha’s ways are those who feel oppressed by the societies in which they live. Onsha cares little for how societies organize themselves, and these particular followers of hers are also extremely nonconformist. They see themselves as champions of freedom in their rejection of traditional ways. Others look down on them for taking pride in their failure to fit in.

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