Name Onsha
Titles Oceanmother
Portfolio The ocean, insanity
Depiction Old elven crone
Holy Symbol A stylized wave of water
Favored Animal Whale
Favored Weapon Trident


Onsha’s created the ocean as a gift to her husband, Laar. Laar used the water and the land to create sea plants, the first life on Onsha. Later, Laar seeded the surface world with plants as well.

Once, Onsha was the goddess of motherhood. She gave birth to a daughter, Tiega, with Laar’s help. Later, she had three more daughters – the Seasisters Aubrell, Gallequa, and Nimbea. It is not clear who the Seasisters’ father is, or if they even have a father.

After the Shattering that split the world’s continents into islands, Onsha went mad. Almost all of her clerics lost their minds, committed suicide, or simply vanished. Though Onsha definitely still exists, she no longer appears to have any kind of moral stance or dogma, existing only to share her madness with those who get lost at sea or become washed away by the waves.

No one understands why, among the gods, Onsha was the only one to lose her mind after the Shattering. It is whispered by the daring that Onsha has left Laar completely and become the consort of Poktlarok instead.


Onsha worship was once widespread, but now her faith is almost extinct. She was removed from the pantheon of Celestialism when it was officially codified after the Shattering, and those who would worship the sea have turned to her three maiden daughters, the Seasisters. Onsha is now categorized with the Dark Gods, despite her historical importance to Celestialist mythology.

The few clerics who worship Onsha almost always go mad after a while. They often, but not always, turn violent. Her most powerful clerics are the ones who were insane already, who discover Onsha and then go off to pursue their own inscrutable ends.

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