Name Nazlokin
Titles Warrior Supreme
Portfolio War, battle, glory, sports
Worship Times When charging into the fray of battle
Ideals Achieving glory and world renown
Depiction Humanoid dragon with a horned helm
Holy Symbol Horned helmet
Domains Destruction, Fire, Glory, Strength, War
Subdomains Ash, Blood, Catastrophe, Ferocity, Heroism, Rage
Favored Animal Honey badger
Favored Weapon Greataxe


War has always been part of life, and always will be. Revel in each foe struck, each blow withstood, each triumph in battle. Combat is brutal, personal, physical, and the path to glory that Nazlokin has laid out for you.


Nazlokin is a dragon-like god, but he has always been a god of humanoids, not of dragons. Wherever there is war, battle, conflict, Nazlokin’s wings spread out overhead. Those who embrace his ways, embrace the glory of combat, and the ultimate honor of death in battle. His blessings favor the bold.

There was once a time, In an ancient golden age, when there were no wars. That’s when Nazlokin invented sports – a form of competition, a proxy for war, where people could still achieve glory and hone their physical skills. Athletic competition still serves that purpose today. Nazlokin’s favor goes with athletes as well as with soldiers.

Nazlokin is a brutal and bloody god, but not an evil god. He respects warriors who fight fearlessly, and with conviction. Those who die fighting are bound to join him in the hereafter in his Halls of Eternal Glory.

Nazlokin is the son of Beuben and Saralek. His consort is Tiega, the only being ever to have scratched his armor (using his own axe, no less). He is frequently unfaithful to her, however.


Nazlokin has a large following among fighters, barbarians, warriors, and soldiers. In the Holy Episcopate, the Cardinal of Nazlokin is the supreme commander of all Episcopal military forces – disobedience to him is considered heresy.

On the other hand, soldiers who hope never to have to fight fear even to utter Nazlokin’s name. Those tacticians and strategists who prefer more carefully reasoned combat also tend to give short shrift to Nazlokin, whose doctrine often makes for poor planning.

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