Myrion is the name of the world on which humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings, gnomes, and all other mortal creatures live.

At the conclusion of the Last Dragon War two centuries ago, the continents of the Myrion were literally torn apart. Huge areas of the world flooded. The total land area of Myrion decreased by about 10%. The remaining land is almost all in the form of small islands. The largest known landmass, Tornica, is about 150,000 square miles in area.

The main regions of Myrion are not continents, but super-archipelagos. These super-archipelagos each contain enough landmass to be a large continent, but split among hundreds if not thousands of islands each. Though there is now one world ocean, the water in the internal area of a super-archipelago is referred to as a sea. For example, the water between islands in Orthon is called the Orthon Sea.

Of course, some islands exist in the wide swaths of ocean between the super-archipelagos as well. These are mainly volcanic in origin, and referred to as high islands.

Main Regions

The main regions people in Orthon, where our story takes place, are:

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