Morgantown is a small city on Morgan Island. It is part of the Empire of Gard, but not really within Imperial waters.

Morgan Island is just inside the northeastern edge of the Doldrums of Orthon. The unpredictable winds and currents of the Doldrums make them very hard to cross. It is much easier to sail a ship into Morgantown than to sail it back out again. But it’s much harder to sail it through the Doldrums.

Because of its location, Morgantown is isolated from the rest of Gard. The Governor of Morgan Island spends most of his time shut up in his mansion, leaving the constable of Morgantown, Rega Potwin, to run things. Rega is rather haphazard in her attempts to control crime, though, and rumors say she’s very susceptible to bribery.


Though there are few jobs in Morgantown, the city is flush with refugees. Most of them are people who were on the islands conquered by the Empire of Gard or the Holy Episcopate. Some are criminals fleeing for their lives.

Refugees hope to board one of the ships sailing west across the Doldrums from Morgantown, usually to the Eustace Magocracy or the Free City of Dragonfall. The crossing itself is difficult. And the ships through the Doldrums don’t run very often, and they usually charge an arm and a leg for a ticket. But some people will do anything for a ticket out of the grip of the Empire and the Episcopate.

While refugees wait for their ship, unscrupulous men profit from their plight. Grifters selling fake tickets, slavers capturing people and selling them as property in the uncivilized islands, or simple thieves all try to make money off the helpless unknowns who crowd into Morgantown.

Points of Interest

Bock’s Barroom and Bistro is a large tavern that draws a wide, varied clientele. There is a full bar, tables for meal service, and live music. They say there’s gambling in the basement. The owner, Bock, is a cordial sort of halfling who never turns away anyone, but never gets too friendly with anyone either.

The Arcish Arch is an old military monument in the town square. It is a stone archway constructed by Arcland, an old kingdom that completely disintegrated after the Last Dragon War. The inscription is no longer readable, but it clearly shows a dragon with a human army underneath him, attacking another human army.

Stevedore’s Row is a market district right by the docks. The Morgantown harbor is not very busy compared to the big trade towns of the Empire, but everyone goes down to Stevedore’s Row to get a first look at whatever the latest ships have brought in to sell, or to try and sell their own wares on ships headed back to the Empire. When ships come in from more far-off ports, like Dragonfall, Stevedore’s Row becomes so crowded you can barely walk.

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