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Welcome to Myrion

After the cataclysmic Last Dragon War 200 years ago, the world of Myrion is a flooded archipelago. The dragons who ruled Myrion for centuries are gone.

The great human nations that arose in their absence, the Empire of Gard and the Holy Episcopate, are building their territories, conquering islands left and right. Refugees flee across the waves.

Some head for Morgantown, a small Imperial city on an island at the edges of the conflict. From there, some manage to buy passage across the Doldrums to safety in the Free City of Dragonfall or the Eustace Magocracy. Others just wait, hoping for their chance.

For many refugees, that chance was the Jalder’s Drum. The Drum, a famous galleon with an elite crew, was supposed to stop in Morgantown before sailing through the Doldrums and on to the Free City.

Instead, it crashed and ran aground somewhere in the jungle.

Your friend Bock, owner of the Morgantown tavern, asks for your help. He knows the wreck of the Jalder’s Drum was no accident…

Main Page

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