Name Lazulum
Titles Wise Prophet
Portfolio diplomacy, divination, ambition
Worship Times When meeting someone for the first time
Ideals Keeping a step ahead of everyone around you
Depiction A wizard with a white beard and pointed hat
Holy Symbol A partially unrolled scroll with one roller
Domains Charm, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Travel
Subdomains Aeon, Captivation, Exploration, Leadership, Rites, Thought
Favored Animal Mockingbird
Favored Weapon Sword cane



Follow your greatest ambitions, but be realistic about what it will take to get there. Be diplomatic and respectful in your interactions with others. True wisdom is the ability to predict the future.


Lazulum was once a human wizard, living in the Eustace Magocracy. Though he was exceptionally powerful, he always craved more knowledge. He traveled the world, seeking rare books and ancient tomes with which to bolster his store of information. But still, he was not satisfied.

Finally, Lazulum only had one place he could go for more information: to Exene, the goddess of knowledge herself. Lazulum begged the goddess to grant him access to her infinite library. As a test, she posed Lazulum a question: “Why was the universe created?” The answer Lazulum whispered in her ear delighted her so, that she brought Lazulum directly into the inner sanctum of her infinite library.

Lazulum returned from that place as the god of prophecy, sharing transcendent wisdom with the few mortals who can comprehend it. He is also said to have become Exene’s paramour for a period, while Hylaeos was off somewhere else.


The idea of a mortal man ascending to godhood is anathema to orthodox Celestial teaching. The Holy Episcopate forbids any worship of Lazulum as a god and persecutes his followers harshly. The authorities there admit that the historical record shows Lazulum was a powerful human wizard and does not record when or how he died, but he lived shortly before the time of the Last Dragon War, and it’s small wonder if the records from that period are incomplete.

Lazulum is held in high esteem elsewhere, particularly in the Eustace Magocracy. Many say a short prayer to Lazulum when about to meet someone new or important. Relatively few people take him as their primary patron. Many who do imagine themselves to be great men and women in the making. They believe that they too can reach greatness if they can only get just a little of his prophetic insight.

In other places, Lazulum is venerated by small cults organized around supposed prophets. The largest of these is centered in Dragonfall. The Prophet of Lazulum there is honored by many of the locals, but many others consider him just another cult leader.

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