Last Dragon War

The Last Dragon War was a cataclysmic event that took place about 200 years ago. It resulted in the near-extinction of dragonkind, and the breaking apart of Myrion’s continents into islands.

For 500 years, in a period now called the middle ages, the dragons had ruled humans, elves, orcs, and all other races on Myrion as kings and emperors. They brooked no challenges to their authority. They tried to rule with kindness, at least at first. People could live their lives freely, but only as long as they followed the dragons’ laws.

The dragons became more oppressive over the centuries. Evil dragons started to chafe under the great Pact, the treaty all dragons signed to respect each others’ territory. They wanted more. They wanted not just to rule the humanoids, but to enslave them. Humans started to fight back, but the dragons put them down brutally.

No one knows exactly why the dragons turned on each other. Some historians say it was a religious war; others say they were fighting over territory, or the future of humanoids. Whatever the reason, the dragons started a war with each other. And once it began, it could not be stopped.

Dragons dragged the humans under their dominion into the war with them. Casualties were high on all sides. But it was the dragons themselves who were destroyed. They kept killing each other more and more, and none of them was willing to surrender or end the fighting until all their foes were dead.

Finally, in a cataclysmic battle, a wave of magical force was released that caused massive earthquakes all across Myrion. The land itself shattered. Occident, the largest continent in the world, shattered into thousands and thousands of pieces to become the super-archipelago now known as Orthon. The other continents broke apart as well.

That battle ended the war, and the dragons. Some people believe that all the dragons died. More likely, the few survivors gave up their dreams of ruling humanoids and went into hiding, or flew to a remote part of the world far from the shattered continents. Certainly no reliable sources have seen any dragons in Orthon since the Last Dragon War ended. There have been some rumors and fish stories about them, but they do seem to be well and truly gone for the present.

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