Name Laar
Titles All-Root
Portfolio farming, nature, plants
Worship Times Planting season, or when eating vegetables
Ideals Preserving natural beauty and harmony
Depiction Enormous green tree with many types of fruits
Holy Symbol A green tree set against a rising red sun
Domains Community, Plant, Protection, Repose, Weather
Subdomains Ancestors, Cooperation, Growth, Purity, Seasons, Solitude
Favored Animal Squirrel
Favored Weapon Scythe


The ways of plants, farms, and nature are as ancient as Laar. People should live in harmony with nature as caretakers, nothing more. Prevent anyone from interfering with the natural cycles of the world.


Laar is one of the oldest gods in Celestialism. He first seeded the surface world with life before animals and humanoids were even dreamed of. He decreed the natural order of the seasons that has been in place for countless millennia. Humanoids are also animals, and they too have their part to play in this cycle.

However, planar outsiders – angels, fiends, elementals, and all other such beings not of the natural world – are anathema. Laar charges all who are faithful to him with the removal of such beings from his world. Even the servants of his fellow gods are not welcome in Myrion, according to Laar’s will. (Celestialism holds that Laar has been overruled by other gods on this, but some Laarist hardliners hold that all outsiders must be destroyed or banished.)

Laar’s consort is Onsha, although she has gone mad. It is not clear what their relationship is currently like. Laar does have one daughter by Onsha, the goddess Tiega.


Some druids and rangers worship Laar, particularly those who venerate plants over animals. Farmers often gravitate to the ranks of his faithful, seeing in him a harsh but patient god who represents the random chance inherent in nature.

But Laar does not promise to improve a farmer’s crops. The natural cycle is what it is. Those who venerate Laar do not seek blessings in the natural world, but in the form of greater understanding and acceptance of their place in the cycle.

A few worship Laar specifically for his aspect as foe to all planar outsiders. People whose families have been torn apart by demons or the like might find Laar’s philosophy, that such beings are unnatural and must be opposed, very appealing.

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