Name Ielda
Titles Serene Queen
Portfolio health, married love, peace
Worship Times When you need help getting or staying married
Ideals Sacrificing for the benefit of other people
Depiction A beautiful human queen
Holy Symbol A smiling, crowned woman’s head in profile
Domains Community, Good, Healing, Protection, Rune
Subdomains Agathion, Family, Home, Purity, Restoration, Wards
Favored Animal Rabbit
Favored Weapon Sap

Holy Symbol of Ielda


Ielda is the goddess of marriage; committed love is the ultimate virtue. Commitment takes devotion, self-sacrifice, and mercy – all traits you should cultivate in yourself. Keep your loved ones safe, and trust the goddess to heal all wounds.


Ielda is one of the oldest goddesses. Her consort is Sidarch. She is the goddess who consecrates marriage and helps to preserve the love between two spouses. Neither she nor Sidarch have ever been said to have been unfaithful to each other. They have two children: Avatrunei and Hiropeh.

Ielda is also a goddess of mercy. Ielda has never committed an act of violence. A popular myth about her recounts the time a devilish pit fiend challenged her to a fight to the death, and she defeated him by giving him a single kiss that turned him to stone.


Ielda is one of the most popular goddesses. Her pacifist and forgiving attitude makes her easy to follow. Her priests can be found across the world. She is also a goddess who offers a chance at redemption to those who have lived violent lives in the past.

Paladins of Ielda are somewhat rare, given the goddess’ emphasis on nonviolence. Those who do exist have very pacifist outlooks for paladins. Self-sacrifice is a virtue for them. They try not to land the first blow, and to defuse confrontations where possible. Undead, fiends, and other irredeemable foes would be exceptions to this rule.

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