Name Hylaeos
Titles Wild Master
Portfolio Luck, sexual love, spontaneous magic
Worship Times When hoping for good luck or to make a good impression
Ideals Putting pleasure and joy first and foremost in life
Depiction A satyr with a bottle of wine and a trumpet, crowned in a laurel wreath
Holy Symbol An gem-studded goblet, overflowing with wine
Domains Chaos, Charm, Luck, Magic, Pleasure*
Subdomains Divine, Imagination, Lust, Music*, Revelry, Wine*
Favored Animal Goat
Favored Weapon Chakram

Holy Symbol of Hylaeos


Pleasure, merriment, song, dance, drink, and love are the highest goals in life. Everyone should just get along and have a good time, rather than being serious about things. Magic is a wild, unpredictable force – it’s best to let it do what it wants!


Hylaeos is the father of all satyrs and fauns. He is whimsical and lustful, and a lover of music and wine. If he has parents, it is not known who they might be. Some say he willed himself into existence, for fun.

Exene is Hylaeos’ consort. Their relationship is turbulent to say the least. The priests of Celestialism don’t like to talk about this, except the priests specifically devoted to Hylaeos. Many baudy myths talk about their turbulent relationship.

One story goes that Hylaeos went off to seduce the Queen of the Fey while Exene was busy at her weaving. But a little mischievous pigeon saw, and told Exene what Hylaeos was up to. So she spent 36 days and 36 nights weaving a spell to turn the Queen of the Fey into a mushroom (all the while the Master of Revels was Reveling with the queen). When she was done, Exene called to Hylaeos and offered him a sip of the strongest alcohol in the world. Hylaeos accepted and immediately got smashed. Then Exene cast her spell at the Queen, intending to get her rival out of the way (and into mushroom form) while Hylaeos was too drunk to do anything. But Hylaeos’ magic is actually stronger when he’s drunk, so he undid Exene’s 36-day version of the spell with an intoxicated laugh and a snap of his fingers.

Hylaeos and Exene do have a son, the god Dilentu. Hylaeos is a rather inconsistent father figure to the boy.


Sorcerers and bards often gravitate towards Hylaeos, because his approach to magic makes more sense to them than Exene‘s. Other people love Hylaeos for his faith’s embrace of pure hedonism. But these same factors turn other people off. The followers of Hylaeos can be boors and knaves. They really just want to get drunk and party all the time.

On the other hand, there are some more serious followers of Hylaeos. Many of them are elves. They still believe in the philosophy of hedonism, but are more restrained about it. These people win more new followers than the drunkards and knaves, but they have to spend a lot of time apologizing for the drunkards and knaves.

Almost everyone embraces a little bit of Hylaeos on occasion, though. He did create alcohol. And he is a patron of music and dancing.

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