Name Hiropeh
Titles Moonbeam Knight
Portfolio justice, honor, the moon
Worship Times When seeking justice against someone who has wronged you
Ideals Pursuing justice above all else
Depiction Female knight with the head of a wolf
Holy Symbol A full moon
Domains Glory, Good, Law, Liberation, Moon*
Subdomains Archon, Heroism, Honor, Loyalty, Revolution, Wolf*
Favored Animal Wolf
Favored Weapon Scimitar

Holy Symbol of Hiropeh


The moon is Hiropeh’s eye; even in nighttime, she is watching over all. Everybody has a duty to act with honor, valor, and justice. Corruption must be wiped out and replaced with righteous authority.


In Celestialism, Hiropeh is the goddess who created the moon to give light to the world, even during the night. But people speak of Hiropeh as though she were the moon. It would not be out of the ordinary to hear someone say “Hiropeh is bright” instead of “it’s a full moon”, for example. Mystical tales say that the night of the new moon is when Hiropeh is not looking at the physical world, but at your soul.

The Hiropean Ethics, a set of 11 chronicles, detail the goddess’ divine law. The originals were transcribed from tablets carved from moon rock. The authorities of Celestialism say that the tablets are lost forever, but others say that they still exist somewhere on Myrion.

The eternal enemy of Hiropeh is the dark god Ilumot, the god of secrets and conspiracies. He is always trying to hide from Hiropeh’s light. Once, the two gods had an epic battle over who would own the nighttime. Hiropeh won. But Ilumot cursed her to transform into a wolf whenever the moon is full, making Hiropeh the first ever werewolf. She took the curse in stride, declaring all wolves to be sacred animals to her.

Hiropeh’s parents are Sidarch and Ielda. Her brother is Avatrunei. She has no consort.


While most good clerics choose to pray and receive new spells at sunrise, it is traditional for clerics of Hiropeh to pray for spells at moonrise instead.

Hiropeh is a major patron of paladins and other knights who stand for truth and justice. But she is also a major patron of revolutionaries and those who fight against tyrannical governments. Hiropeh stands for the law, but only if the law is fair and just.

Followers of Hiropeh and followers of Yetzahara typically attack each other on sight. But on occasion, the dark clerics of Yetzahara manage to tempt a fallen Hiropean paladin to their side. This is the greatest of betrayals.

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