Name Gunderson
Titles Long Arm of the Law
Portfolio firearms, law, criminal justice, traps
Worship Times When working with machinery or tools
Ideals Keeping the peace of the law
Depiction A halfling with a musket
Holy Symbol A shield badge with an inset star
Domains Artifice, Law, Luck, Rune, Sun
Subdomains Alchemy, Curse, Judgment, Revelation, Trap, Wards
Favored Animal Boa constrictor
Favored Weapon Musket



Make plans and preparations for every contingency, for you cannot be too prepared. Scrupulously uphold the law, and show no mercy to those who break it. Do not try to hide or deny the truth.


In the days of ancient human empires, the god Avatrunei gave the humans an enduring code of laws, by which all mortals could learn and live in peace. But when the dragons conquered the world, they neglected these laws. Thus it was in the waning days of the dragons’ dominion that Avatrunei sent an avenging angel, Gunderson.

Armed with divine firepower, Gunderson defeated the demon of Gideon City and gained the mortals’ trust. Reminding them of the importance of law, Gunderson gave the humans the secrets of black powder and taught humans how to make guns so they could defend themselves.

When his work was done, Gunderson ascended to the heavens and took his place among the gods.


The worship of Gunderson is very popular in the Empire of Gard, but his faith is banned in the Holy Episcopate. His followers say that he reminds the Episcopate too much of the importance of secular authority, which they see as a direct threat.

Outside the Holy Episcopate, Gunderson is revered by city guards and pirate hunters – anyone who upholds the law. Trappers claim that Gunderson sends them inspiration from time to time. Craftsmen, especially gunsmiths and machinists, hold Gunderson in special reverence as their patron. And anyone who has been robbed can say a prayer to Gunderson, asking for justice and revenge.

In Gideon City, capital of Gard, Gunderson is seen as a local patron god for his mythologized heroics there. There is a statue of Gunderson holding a musket outside the courthouse. It is said that if anyone who is guilty of a serious crime should pass beneath the statue’s shadow, the statue will shoot them.

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