Name Dilentu
Titles Prince of Youth
Portfolio Animals, childhood, creativity
Worship Times When handling animals or small children
Ideals Childlike curiosity, openness, and innocence
Depiction Boy holding a palette, or a kitten
Holy Symbol A paintbrush with a mining pick at the other end
Domains Animal, Chaos, Good, Madness, Trickery
Subdomains Azata, Deception, Friendship, Fur, Insanity, Whimsy
Favored Animal Cat (house cat or tiger)
Favored Weapon Iron brush

Holy Symbol of Dilentu


As every child knows, you need to have some fun in your everyday life, and bring joy to those around you, too. Treat animals and children with kindness, for they are innocent and harmless. Take pride in creative works, imagination, and make-believe.


Dilentu is a young child, gifted with perpetual youth. He is the son of Hylaeos and Exene. He can turn into a kitten, and sometimes uses this power to play amusing jokes on the other gods.

Tales of Dilentu are usually lighthearted and designed for children. They tend to involve anthropomorphic animals and schemes that would make sense only in the mind of a child (or perhaps a gnome). Also according to the tales, Dilentu sometimes shows himself to children and plays games with them, but grown-ups can’t see him. Most of these stories change a lot with each retelling, but that is as it should be.


Dilentu is the patron of all children. Most children grow up worshiping their parents’ gods, but there are many stories about Dilentu that spread from child to child by word of mouth. The tellings are different from generation to generation, but the stories stay the same. When parents hear their children tell tales of Dilentu, it often brings back fond memories of their own childhood. But when children say they’ve actually seen Dilentu, adults just smile. They remember when they thought they had seen Dilentu as kids, realizing as they grew up that it was just a coincidence, a cloud, or something like that.

A few people insist for their entire lives that they actually did meet Dilentu as children. No one else really takes them seriously. Gods are not supposed to actually show themselves to mortals.

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