Deities of Myrion

Almost everyone in Myrion worships the gods. Their influence on the world cannot be denied. Ignoring the gods altogether is a conscious choice, and one that may not be without cost.

The most common thing is for people to take one specific deity as their patron, based on the god whose ideals they share the closest. But every god has certain times and circumstances when it’s appropriate to offer them prayers, even if they’re not your personal patron.


Deities in Myrion do not have specific alignments, but transcend the concepts of good and evil. Accordingly, gods may have good shepherds, evil priests, lawful servants and chaotic firebrands amongst their followers.

The following rules apply for paladins and clerics:

  • Paladins must still be lawful good, and they cannot worship a deity that offers the Chaos or Evil domain.
  • Clerics and others with the domain class feature cannot select an alignment domain that differs from their own alignment. So, a lawful neutral cleric could worship a deity offering the Chaos domain, but they cannot select the Chaos domain.
  • Clerics and others who have a choice between channeling positive and negative energy must choose to channel positive energy if their deity offers the Healing domain, and must channel negative energy if their deity offers the Death or Destruction domain. Otherwise, they may choose freely. Paladins do not get a choice, so they must channel positive energy.
New Domains

Myrion-specific domains are marked below with a *. More information about these domains can be found at the following pages.


The Ascendants are five gods have appeared, one after another, in the last 200 years, in the years following the Last Dragon War. Their existence is heretical to Celestialism. The Celestial Elders say that the Ascendants aren’t truly gods, but usurping forces that have stolen a mere fraction of divine magic. Worship of the Ascendants is outlawed and punished heavily in the Holy Episcopate. Elsewhere, this is not so. Most people outside the Holy Episcopate don’t see a problem with keeping the Ascendants alongside the Celestial Gods.

Name Title Portfolio Favored Weapon Domains
Gunderson Long Arm of the Law guns, laws, criminal justice, traps Musket Artifice, Law, Luck, Rune, Sun
Jalder Everyman’s Drummer discipline, endurance, labor Bastard sword Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Strength
Lazulum Wise Prophet diplomacy, divination, ambition Sword cane Charm, Knowledge, Magic, Nobility, Travel
Maloyan Bringer of the Clairvoyant Eclipse balance, darkness, mystery Kukri Balance*, Chaos, Darkness, Madness, Void
Zari Battlemuse epic poetry, music, spies, strategy Falchion Glory, Liberation, Pleasure*, Trickery, War

Celestial Gods

The gods of Celestialism are worshiped throughout Orthon.

Name Title Portfolio Favored Weapon Domains
Avatrunei Eternal Judge judgment after death, lightning Warhammer Air, Death, Law, Strength, Weather
Beuben King Below death, the underworld, wealth Heavy pick Darkness, Death, Earth, Evil, Wealth*
Dilentu Prince of Youth animals, childhood, creativity Iron brush Animal, Chaos, Good, Pleasure*, Trickery
Exene Patternweaver language, mediation, studied magic Bo staff Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
Hiropeh Moonbeam Knight justice, the moon Scimitar Glory, Good, Law, Liberation, Moon*
Hylaeos Wild Master luck, sexual love, wild magic Chakram Chaos, Charm, Luck, Magic, Pleasure*
Ielda Serene Queen health, marriage, peace Sap Community, Good, Healing, Protection, Rune
Laar All-Root farming, nature Scythe Community, Plant, Protection, Repose, Weather
Na’mel’ess Inscrutable One fate, the sun Starknife Balance*, Earth, Plant, Repose, Sun
Nazlokin Warrior Supreme battle, glory, sports Greataxe Destruction, Fire, Glory, Strength, War
Onsha Oceanmother motherhood, the ocean Trident Healing, Liberation, Madness, Moon*, Water
Orchima Wandering Angel hospitality, trade, travelers Longsword Animal, Fire, Good, Travel, Water
Saralek Goddess of the First Castle family, homes, soldiers Halberd Artifice, Community, Darkness, Protection, War
Sidarch Golden Throne rulership, wisdom, light Greatsword Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Sun, Wealth*
Tiega Fleet Vixen archery, thievery, trickery Longbow Air, Chaos, Charm, Travel, Trickery

Dark Gods

The Dark Gods are an exception to the rule that deities do not have alignments. The dark gods are simply evil. One cannot seriously join the faith of any of the Dark gods without becoming evil themselves. Worship of a dark god is a crime almost everywhere. (Dark gods are not legal deities for player characters.)

Name Title Portfolio
Red Roger Corsair King piracy, smuggling, theft
Ilumot Hidden Master conspiracy, secrets, treason
Mayacidow Mistress of Sorrows drowning, suicide
Ozevuv Sinful Virtuoso blasphemy, celebrity, dark bargains
Poktlarok Allhater arson, destruction, murder
Wynang Devastatrix giants, natural disasters
Yetzahara Count Corruption corruption, self-indulgence, sin

Deities of Myrion

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