Character Creation Rules

The rules on this page govern character creation for this campaign. Please contact the GM if you have any questions.

Character Rules

  • Level 1.
  • Ability Scores 20 point buy.
  • Race Any core race.
  • Class Any class except antipaladin and summoner. Unchained summoner is acceptable.
  • Alignment Evil alignments are not allowed.
  • Traits You get two traits, which must be of different types. Campaign traits and religion traits are not allowed.
  • Wealth Start with 150 gp.
  • Deity See Deities of Myrion. Any Celestial god or Ascendant is allowed.
  • Source Material You may use any material from the d20pfsrd except for material from third-party sources (anything other than Paizo), cybertech, and technological equipment.

Other House Rules

  • Missing Sessions If you are going to miss a session, please let the GM know at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Guns Firearms are commonplace. Any character with proficiency in martial weapons is proficient with firearms, and the price of early firearms and ammunition is 25% the listed price. Advanced firearms and ammunition are not available.
  • Party XP The party shares a single pool of experience points.
  • Leadership The cohort and followers from Leadership do not actually follow you into danger, they’re just friendly NPCs who stay behind and help you in non-adventurey ways.
  • Knowledge Checks in Combat During combat, Knowledge checks may be made only on your turn.
  • Scrolls There is no distinction between arcane and divine scrolls in this campaign.
  • Racial Spells Spells from Advanced Race Guide (i.e. spells like blend that say “Racial Spell” on the d20PFSRD) are available only to members of the race for which the spell was created.

Character Creation Rules

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