Character Creation Rules

The rules on this page govern character creation for this campaign. Please contact the GM if you have any questions.

Character Rules

Level 3.
Ability Scores 20 point buy.
HP PFS rules – first die maximized, then average rounded up
Race Any core race, or other races with GM approval.
Class Any class except antipaladin and summoner. Unchained summoner is acceptable.
Alignment Evil alignments are not allowed.
Wealth Start with 2000 gp.
Deity See Deities of Myrion. Any Ascendant, Celestial god, or Seasister is allowed as a patron.
Fractional Base Bonuses This campaign uses the fractional base bonuses here (but not the staggered advancement rules)
Background Skills This campaign also uses the background skills system here. Note that this grants you an additional 2 skill ranks per level, which must be used on background skills – see the link for a list of background skills.
Bonus Progression This campaign uses a variant of the Automatic Bonus Progression rules. See Bonus Progression for more details.
Traits Campaign traits are not allowed. Religion traits for Myrion can be found at the Religion Traits page. You get one trait. If you write a bio of your character and send it to me or upload it to the wiki, you get a second trait. The length of the backstory is not important, but it should contain some interesting open threads about your character’s past in addition to a simple origin story. Consider answering at least one of the following questions:

  • What is your character’s greatest regret?
  • Who is one person from your character’s past who made them who they are today?
  • What is an unsolved mystery from your character’s past?
  • What is your character’s biggest secret?
    Source Material You may use any material from the d20pfsrd except for material from third-party sources (anything other than Paizo), cybertech, and technological equipment. You may also use any of the options on this wiki at Character Options. Rather than introduce an exhaustive list of banned items and feats, I will simply ask you not to cheese. Ask the GM if you’re not sure, or if the thing you’re looking at says “Consult your GM”, such as alternate racial traits.

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