Celestial Gods

The Celestial Gods are the deities of Celestialism, the dominant religion in Orthon.


The basic faith of Celestialism is a faith in the gods of the pantheon. The worship practices for these gods – their holy days, rites, and prayer services – is standardized in the Holy Episcopate’s capital of Silverstream, by the Celestial Archbishops. These forms of worship are used throughout Orthon.

According to Celestialist dogma, these deities are the only true gods. There are no beings above them, and there are no other beings worthy of worship. This is not to deny the demonstrable fact that there are clerics who profess the faiths of non-Celestial gods. However, according to Celestialism, these faiths are mere cults, following false idols that do not have true universal power.

This is the official belief of Celestialism according to the Archbishops. However, outside the Holy Episcopate’s territory, people generally don’t see anything wrong with venerating other gods outside the Celestial pantheon, as long as they aren’t evil gods. People in the Empire of Gard and Dragonfall often worship the Ascendants right along with the Celestial gods, for example.

The Celestial Gods

Name Title Alignment Favored Weapon Domains
Avatrunei Eternal Judge LN Warhammer Death, Earth, Law, Strength, Weather
Avillion Farmer Shareloaf NG Scythe Animal, Community, Good, Plant, Protection
Beuben Gravetower King NE Light hammer Death, Emotion, Evil, Nobility, Repose
Dilentu Boy at Play CG Iron brush Artifice, Chaos, Good, Pleasure*, Trickery
Exene Patternweaver LN Rapier Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
Hiropeh Moonbeam Knight LG Scimitar Glory, Good, Law, Liberation, Moon*
Hylaeos Wild Master CN Longbow Chaos, Charm, Luck, Magic, Pleasure*
Ielda Princess of Serenity NG Sap Charm, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Sun
Lotheria Liberty’s Angel CG Longsword Chaos, Fire, Good, Liberation, War
Nameless Inscrutable N Gauntlet Air, Darkness, Plant, Repose, Sun
Onsha Oceanmother N Trident Healing, Madness, Travel, Water, Weather
Sidarch Peacebuilder LG Greatsword Community, Good, Law, Nobility, Travel
Uar Lady Ragebear CN Earthbreaker Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Emotion*, Madness

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