Name Beuben
Title The King Below
Portfolio Death, undead, disease, necromancy, power for its own sake
Worship Times You are close to death or mourning a loved one
Ideals Accumulating wealth and living richly
Depiction A crown-wearing skeleton holding a pick
Holy Symbol A skull wearing a lopsided crown
Domains Darkness, Death, Earth, Evil, Wealth*
Subdomains Caves, Daemon, Gem, Loss, Metal, Undead
Favored Animal Crow
Favored Weapon Heavy pick

Unholy Symbol of Beuben


Get as rich as you can, while you can. There is no point in fearing death, because all things must die eventually. Honor the dead.


Beuben is the god of the underworld, and the god of death. He’s not a dark god – after all, death is just a part of life – but he’s not exactly nice, either. He does not believe in mercy when it comes to death. People will die when it is their time, and that’s that.

Beuben created all the valuables of the underworld – gold, silver, gemstones, etc. They are gifts from the dead to the living.

Beuben’s consort is Saralek, their son is Nazlokin, and their daughter is Exene.


Beuben is one of the major gods of Celestialism, so he is worshiped throughout Orthon. His most devoted followers are mainly wealthy men who follow a cult of money, and necromancers who seek power over death. More commonly people say prayers to Beuben when they need to, but don’t consider him a particular patron of theirs.

Mountain dwarves are also drawn to the worship of Beuben, given his dominion over the deep places of the world. They focus less on his death aspect than humans do. On the other hand, some barbarians worship Beuben specifically because of his death aspect. They tend to keep track of how many souls they’ve send down to the King Below.

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