Name Avatrunei
Titles Eternal Judge
Portfolio Death, Judgment, Lightning, Weather
Worship Times When you have sinned and seek repentence
Ideals Enforcing the law above all else
Depiction Stern judge with large beard
Holy Symbol A wheel with six gavels for spokes
Domains Air, Death, Law, Strength, Weather
Subdomains Inevitable, Lightning, Judgment, Murder, Resolve, Storms
Favored Animal Elephant
Favored Weapon Warhammer

Holy Symbol of Avatrunei


Avatrunei is the impartial judge of all mortal souls after death. Mortals, too, must judge their fellows fairly. Laws must be obeyed, lawbreakers must be punished.


Avatrunei is the judge of the dead in Celestialism. One may pray to him in life for guidance, but once a person is dead, no prayers or offerings can sway his judgment. Every soul must stand trial in his court to determine its proper punishment or reward.

According to the ancient mystical texts, when you die, your soul is taken to a cell in Avatrunei’s courthouse to await trial. During this time, you come to peace with the deeds you committed in life. Then you are brought into court, and Avatrunei questions you personally. When his hammer falls, the trial is over, your sentence becomes immutable, and you go on to meet your fate.

In some places, they say that Gunderson sits at Avatrunei’s right hand in court, and that the Eternal Judge dispatches him to hunt down those who try to cheat fate. But this is considered heresy in Celestialism – they say that Gunderson is not a true god.

Avatrunei is the son of Sidarch and Ielda. Hiropeh is his sister. Avatrunei has no consort, but it is said he bears courtly love towards Zari. (Her feelings towards him, if any, are not recorded.) This is also considered heresy against Celestialism.


Avatrunei is worshiped across Orthon. Almost every graveyard has a small shrine to Avatrunei, and in many cities, his temples double as courthouses. Those whose responsibility it is to uphold the law frequently venerate Avatrunei as well, though some turn to the more accessible god Gunderson, once Avatrunei’s servant himself.

If you are feeling guilty, it is customary to make a prayer to Avatrunei, and promise to do some good deed to make up for your guilt. This applies even if you don’t know what you’re feeling guilty for.

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