Name Zari
Titles Battlemuse
Portfolio epic poetry, music, spies, strategy
Worship Times When moving or making long-term plans
Ideals Drawing inspiration from the deeds of great heroes
Depiction A veiled woman riding a flying broomstick
Holy Symbol A sword shaped like a musical note
Domains Glory, Liberation, Pleasure*, Trickery, War
Subdomains Deception, Heroism, Legend, Music*, Revolution, Tactics
Favored Animal Tarantula
Favored Weapon Falchion


Zari is the goddess of epic poetry; recount the tales of heroes past to keep them alive from generation to generation. Remember that a wise general can assure victory before battle even begins. Honor can be a liability if it gets in the way of achieving your goals.


Zari is the daughter of Nazlokin, god of war, and a human woman called Fri’aria. Fri’aria was a staggeringly beautiful woman, and a slave to a powerful dragon. One day Fri’aria joined a revolt against the dragons, and Nazlokin could not resist the urge to take the form of a human and fight alongside her. They bested the dragon together. Soon, they became lovers.

When Zari was born, Nazlokin himself gave her the secrets of strategy and tactics, teaching her even though she was an infant. Then he left Zari and Fri’aria alone.

By the time Zari had grown up, the slave rebellion was nearly quashed. Though the slaves were brave, they had no leaders. Zari soon became that leader. She used her divinely-given knowledge of strategy to guide the slaves to victory. Then she used her own personal skills of deception to become a spy amidst the dragons’ servants.

They say that it was she who instigated the Last Dragon War, subtly manipulating her enemies to fight each other. When the leader of the dragons found out what Zari had done, the mighty wyrm fought Zari in one-on-one combat. They battled across the skies, Zari keeping pace with the dragon on her magic flying broom. In the end, the daughter of Nazlokin was victorious. She killed the dragon, stole its power, ascended to full godhood, and left behind the Zariad, an epic poem of her own composition, to record her great deeds. However, a number of versions of the Zariad have since arisen, and no one is sure which is the one true original.


Zari worship is outlawed in the Holy Episcopate. Celestialist priests are quick to point out that there is absolutely no historical evidence that such a person as Zari ever existed, or that anything in the Zariad is true. But Zari worshipers retort that there should be no evidence of Zari’s existence – she was a spy!

The worship of Zari is highly popular outside the Holy Episcopate among warriors who feel they rely on their brains more than brawns. She’s also the patron of spies, though most people don’t know it.

In Dragonfall, Zari has almost completely replaced Nazlokin as the deity worshiped by soldiers. Bard and skalds are also drawn to Zari’s faith. She is a muse to all musicians and poets, but especially those who sing of war, heroes, and glory.

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