Name Maloyan
Titles Bringer of the Clairvoyant Eclipse
Portfolio balance, darkness, mystery
Worship Times When hiding from danger and misfortune
Ideals Embracing hard truths that others fear
Depiction A short, gray-skinned humanoid with spindly fingers
Holy Symbol A cauldron with a fairy peeking out of it
Domains Balance*, Chaos, Darkness, Madness, Void
Subdomains Aeon*, Dark Tapestry, Night, Nightmare, Protean, Truth
Favored Animal Raven
Favored Weapon Kukri



Preserve the great balance between all forces in the cosmos, upsetting imbalances where you find them. Embrace difficult and uncomfortable truths, but keep your secrets from people who aren’t ready to learn them. Trust in darkness and shadow to hide you from your foes.


Maloyan’s nature is shrouded in mystery. His cult is highly reclusive and secretive, and what they know about him, they refuse to tell.

Maloyan came to Myrion during a lunar eclipse, on a wave of pure darkness, from somewhere between the stars. He is a creature of the void, of shadow. But he is far from being evil. Rather, he is a herald of the change that is coming to Myrion. His arrival signaled the end of an era, and coincided with the beginning of the Last Dragon War. Other changes are coming. The faithful of Maloyan gather in secret, under cover of darkness, to share the whispers they have heard from Maloyan in their dreams, and attempt to piece together the terrible truths that he has come to bring.

More about Maloyan is known, but only to his most faithful. Secrecy and shadow are holy to Maloyan. They are armor. Secrecy protects the weak, hiding them from the strong. Yet, paradoxically, the secrets un-hide those who learn them from the truth. This paradox, and other mystical riddles surrounding Maloyan, are why he is the bringer of the “Clairvoyant Eclipse”.


Maloyan’s followers only ever meet in secret. His worshipers are called heathens in the Holy Episcopate, and even in the Empire of Gard the authorities do not take kindly to Maloyanists. Most people who are not familiar with the cult assume Maloyan is an evil god. Similar rumors spread about his cult – that they abduct children, commit ritual sacrifices, and so on. These are all lies.

In truth, Maloyan’s followers usually keep to themselves. Chapters of Maloyanists meet in secret spaces called “shadow sanctums”. These are either underground temples which can be found in large cities (but only if you know where to look), or in out-of-the-way natural places like caves.

Rogues, nocturnal rangers, and others who operate primarily by stealth are drawn to the cult, as are other people who seek out the dangerous and forbidden secrets of Maloyan, especially witches.

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