Name Jalder
Titles Everyman’s Drummer
Portfolio discipline, endurance, labor
Worship Times When doing hard, repetitive work
Ideals Trusting in patience and goodwill
Depiction A man with dragon wings and wearing a drum
Holy Symbol A drum with swords for drumsticks
Domains Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Strength
Subdomains Ash, Honor, Legend, Redemption, Resolve, Resurrection
Favored Animal Ram
Favored Weapon Bastard sword



Be patient and slow to anger; rewards will come with time. Glory belongs to everyone who works hard and plays their part. Beware the temptation to put yourself above other people.


Jalder, also known as “Jay Dubya”, is the son of the goddess Saralek and a gold dragon who was once the emperor of all humanity. When Beuben learned of this, he cursed the gold dragon to die at the hands of a dark god, and their son Jalder to live in poverty as a human.

So Jalder was brought up by peasants who had almost nothing to give him. But, as a result of his divine heritage, the boy had superhuman strength, and an inability to tire. When the Last Dragon War began, Jalder took up arms and fought to defend humanity. His quest took him to a prophet of Exene, who revealed to Jalder his true heritage.

Armed with the knowledge of the truth, Jalder fought ceaselessly against dragons and demons alike. Finally he reached the dark god who slew his father, the gold dragon, and threw the dark god down at his feet. For that action, Beuben rescinded his decree, and raised Jalder up to true godhood as his adoptive son.


In the Holy Episcopate, the tale of Jalder is taken to be nothing but outright heresy. Saralek, they say, would never be unfaithful to Beuben. Besides, the timeline is wrong – the gold dragons were ruling only a single kingdom in the east by the time Jalder was supposedly born.

Jalder has a large following nevertheless. Peasants and laborers look up to Jalder as an epic hero from their own lowborn stock. Even in the Holy Episcopate they revere Jalder, though they are persecuted for doing so. Many of them are inspired by Jalder’s example to take up arms and become heroes themselves. Others do not, but still they are welcome in the faith. As the faithful of Jalder teach, glory belongs to everyone who works hard and plays their part.

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