Welcome to Myrion

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After the cataclysmic Last Dragon War 200 years ago, the world of Myrion is a flooded archipelago. The dragons who ruled Myrion for centuries all but wiped themselves out, and the survivors have vanished.

The great human nations that arose in their absence, the Empire of Gard and the Holy Episcopate, are in a race for territorial dominance in the Orthon super-archipelago. They’ve been conquering neutral islands left and right, each trying to outdo the other without coming into direct conflict… yet. Meanwhile, the Eustace Magocracy and the Free City of Dragonfall compete for dominance in trade, and the elves and dwarves deal with cultural shocks of their own.

The Notus Islands are a four-way flashpoint in these conflicts. It’s the westernmost part of Orthon and a vital passage for ships sailing within the super-archipelago. All four of the major powers have a stake in this vitally important region.

You are new members of the Charybdis Company, a mercenary company operating in the Notus Islands. Despite a current peace between the four rival powers, they aren’t the only forces operating in the region. The Duke of Manold has taken out a contract with the Charybdis Company to see to some orcish marauders that have been harassing the northern part of Manold Island. You’ll be assigned to special operations missions. These marauders are unusually well-equipped and well-coordinated for orcs… there may be more going on than there appears.


The World:




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